Episode 036: It’s Kevin! @KY_CBD

Chat with Sidco_Cat
Chat with Sidco_Cat
Episode 036: It's Kevin! @KY_CBD

This guy.  To use a term coined by guest Emily Scarborough on Episode 8, Kevin is a Gem! We got to know each other working a booth at MJ Biz in 2019 and never looked back.  He is smart, professional, creative, passionate and generally a really nice guy.  That is essentially the very definition of gemmy.  It took some convincing to get Kevin to agree to this conversation.  He isn’t associated with a big company, he’s not trying to sell you anything, he isn’t even repping right now.  But that isn’t what this podcast is about.  Sure, lots of my guests are resources with companies and offerings.  But first and foremost, they are people who I have a connection with that I want to share with you.  These are just chats; little conversations about things we have in common.  I have so much in common with Kevin and I think you will too. We got through the conversation and as we were wrapping up, Kevin said, “Shoot, I had some notes that I wanted to touch on and I got caught up in our conversation and missed it.”  Well, take two!  So when you think we are wrapping it, think again because we go right in for a double dip of some sweet, sweet KY_CBD.  We get right back into it and Kevin shares some of the companies and people in his cannabis world that have positively impacted him.  So, listen in as I hang with a homie and we enjoy talking about events, colleagues and companies that have left us both impressed.  Now here’s the chat with Kevin, KY_CBD.

3 comments on “Episode 036: It’s Kevin! @KY_CBD

  1. Melody DiGregorio says:

    Would love to get in touch with Kevin I have stomach cancer

    1. I sent your contact info to Kevin. God bless your health!

  2. M. Martini says:

    Kevin is a great guy.

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