Episode 010: David Heldreth Jr, Of the Faith

Chat with Sidco_Cat
Chat with Sidco_Cat
Episode 010: David Heldreth Jr, Of the Faith

You are in for a great chat today with a colleague and friend that I have known in the industry for years now.  David Heldreth Jr. is the smartest guy in the room.  Not just because we are the only two in the room.  He is a patented inventor, research leader, industry watchdog and generous contributor to the industry in so many ways.  Today’s conversation is about a new passion for David.  This is about his new non-profit “Of the Faith.” As a person who spends a lot of personal time on my own faith journey, this conversation was really interesting to me.  Pull up a chair and listen as David and I discuss ancient and modern psychedelic spiritual practices, participation without appropriation, protection of indigenous medicine while expanding access to new seekers.  This is a very sober conversation about very psychedelic things.   Enjoy the Chat!

Instagram: @of_the_faith @theyogibear13 Email: Thoseofthefaith@gmail.com

1 comment on “Episode 010: David Heldreth Jr, Of the Faith

  1. Scot Wilson says:

    Hello Cat

    We met at CBD Expo West you were doing your best to get me to chat on your podcast that day but my nerves got the best of me. I was reaching out to try and get you in contact with the CEO of Trojan Horse Cannabis Chris Fontes. He is a industry expert and would love to get some time to talk about the pace and upcoming Delta 9 products.

    We also briefly chatted about possibly trading some ad space for some Trojan Horse products. I would love to explore more about that as well.

    Thank you for your time I cant wait to chat with you soon.

    Scot Wilson

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